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Dynamite Wasteland (Swe)

Dynamite Wasteland (Swe)
Band Info
Punk / Hard Rock / Glam / Sleaze
Sweden (


1990 - 19XX
Jarmo "JM" Mäkkeli - Vocals, Guitar (TST, Panic, The Rats, Grimjacks, Psychopunch)
Trond Vinje - Guitar
Magnus Engdahl - Bass (Academy, Schizophrenic Circus, Malas Intensiones)
Patrik "Putte" Johansson - Drums (Nyx Negativ)
Former / Past Members
Jan "Janne" Skärmning - Guitar (TST, Age of Reflection)
Nicky - Bass (TST (guest))
Kenneth - Drums
Patrik Åke Jonsson - Drums, Vocals (The Bashband)
Jamil Batal - Drums (Schizophrenic Circus, Malas Intensiones, Zello)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
The band was formed in 1990. The line-up on the flexi was Jarmo, Patrik, Janne and Kenneth. The follow-up saw the change from Patrik to Nicky on bass. On the MCD the line-up was Jarmo, Trond, Magnus, Patrik. Dynamite Wasteland could be described as adrenaline-reinforced sleaze-tainted hard rock 'n roll. You can find similarities to band like Hanoi Rocks, Faster Pussycats etc. Bass-player Magnus was later found in hard rockers Schizophrenic Circus.
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