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- 8tr Demo (1989)
- 7tr Demo (1990)
- Pride / Reissue (2008)
- Pride / Reissue (2011)

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Pride (Swe / Östersund)

Pride (Swe / Östersund)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (

Östersund, Sundsvall, Stockholm, Pilgrimstad

1987 - 1991
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Dan Kristiansson - Vocals (Transit, 2-Stroke)
Jonas Öhlund - Guitar (Grime Crime, Grandeur, Silhouette, Linehouse)
Stefan Karlström - Keyboards (Grandeur, Silhouette)
Former / Past Members
Johan "Agge" Agerberg - Bass (Quest)
Sven-Olov Nilsson - Bass (Grandeur, Silhouette)
Anders "Henka" Henriksson/Pellving - Drums (April Sky, Grime Crime, Grandeur, Silhouette)
Perra Eriksson - Drums / 3 live gigs (Smalare Än Thord)
Elinor Mårtensson - Drums / 1 live gig (Wilderness)
Fredrik "Frollic" - Drums
Not to be confused with Pride (Karlshamn) or Pride (Gnesta)

Official Biography

PRIDE gigged around the Östersund area in Sweden between 1988 and 1991. The music was keyboard based hard rock. The only release by the band was the 'You're The Only One"/ "Dreamer In The Night (1989)' 7" single.

PRIDE was formed in late 1987 when the band SILHOUETTE, who had been searching for a new singer for a couple of month, found the singer Dan Kristiansson. The members of SILHOUETTE was Jonas Öhlund-guitar, Stefan Karlström-keyboard, Anders Henriksson-drums and Sven-Olov Nilsson-bass. SILHOUETTE had excisted since 1984 under earlier names as GRIME CRIME and GRANDEUR. GRIME CRIME had been featured on a compilation cassette in 1986 and SILHOUETTE had recorded a two track demo in 1987. Dan had recorded a single with the band TRANSIT in 1985. With a new singer the name PRIDE was used for the first time at a band contest on the 8th of January 1988. In the spring PRIDE won the trials for "Rock SM 1988" in Östersund. "Rock SM" was a huge national contest for rock bands. The win led to the semi finals in Borlänge.

In august a single was cut at Studio Kuling in Örebro. Two weeks prior to the recording Johan "Agge" Agerberg took over the bass duties. Prior to joining the band he handled the bass in QUEST. The vocals were recorded later in the fall due to Dan having throat problems the first time around. The two songs "Youre the only one" and "Dreamer in the night" was a fine slice of melodic hard rock. Problems delayed the release and the single didn´t find it´s way to the shops until may 1989. The problems included the mixing table catching fire and the, at the time, controversial cover. During the fall eight new songs were recorded on a four track machine.

In july 1989 PRIDE recorded two songs in Stockholm recording and CBS-studios, Stockholm, together with Mats Karlsson, guitarist in 220 VOLT. The recording was self financed and a video was cut for the song "Someone Is Calling Your Name". Yoshiko Watanabe, a japanese journalist, visited Sweden and Östersund in the summer while doing a story about 220 VOLT. She interviewed PRIDE and that resulted in the band getting mentioned in the magazines Viva rock and Metal Gear in Japan."Someones Calling Your Name" and " Playing With Fire" was meant to be released as a single by Lynx records in Sweden. Unfortunately the record label screwed things up by delaying the release date and suddenly deciding that the sound quality was too bad for a release. They tried to solve this by adding extra keyboards. Suddenly the label ceased to exist in 1990 and the single was never released.

In February 1990 the band entered Tommys musiklab in Östersund. The result was a seven song demo. The demo was sent to a few record labels without any luck. Plans were made for a four song EP. Yoshiko Watanabe returned to Östersund in the summer and heard the demo. She must have liked what she heard as she sponsored the band financially.  Unfortunately friction between band members grew strong and by May Henka got booted. This leaving the band without a drummer a few weeks prior to a support slot to 220 VOLT in the ice stadium in Östersund and a gig as support to STONEFUNKERS. In pure desperation the band started to program a drum machine(!!) to be able to play the gigs. Luckily Perra Eriksson(who later found fame and fortune in Smalare än Thord) came along and played with the band for three gigs. By this time the EP plans where shelved.

The search for a new drummer began. In the fall Elinor Mårtensson joined the band. She had prior to joining PRIDE been playing in Wilderness. Unfortunally things didn´t work out and after just one gig the band and Elinor parted ways. A guy named Fredrik came along. (No one seems to remember what his last name was. Everybody just called him Frollic) A girl was also brought in to help out with the background vocals. On February 15th 1991 PRIDE played what came to be the bands last gig at Folkets hus in Östersund. The gig was OK but not as good as it used to be. During the spring Jonas, Dan and Stefan tried a new drummer and bassist but the magic was gone. Things weren´t fun any more!
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