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Pegasus (Swe)

Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal
Sweden (


1976 - 1977, 1981 - 1984 (changed name)
Official Website
Mats "Arnold" Eriksson / Feretti - Vocals (Lynx, Daggmar Luring)
Per "Fjuttis" Larsson - Guitar (Lynx, Daggmar Luring, Gå å Bada, Slapstick, Kent Österskogs)
Kauno Vattovaara - Bass (Lynx)
Mats "Herman" Hermansson - Keyboards (Lynx, Daggmar Luring)
Johan Skagerlind - Drums (HaiFi, Memento Mori (guest))
Former / Past Members
Jan "Janne" Elvi (1976 - 1977) - Guitar (HaiFi, Daggmar Luring, Cecilia And The Happy Happies, Elvis FC, Fifty Fifty?)
Pal Johnsson (1976 - 1977) - Bass
Tommy Karlsson (1976 - 1983) - Drums
Not to be confused with Pegasus (Uppsala).

Formed March 14, 1976 by Mats Eriksson (Vocals), Mats "Herman" Hermansson (Organ), Jan Elvi (Guitar), Pal Johnsson (Bass) and Tommy Karlsson (Drums). Janne left the band in 1977 and was replaced with Per Larsson on guitar. PEGASUS disbanded later that year but would reform in 1981 with the new bassist Kauno Vattovaara. They played some locals gigs and also recorded some material in Oxelösund for Radio Sörmland.

Tommy Karlsson left the band in 1983 and was replaced with Johan Skagerlind on drums. More local gigs would follow before PEGASUS got a contract with the Stockholm label Mill Records in 1984. Johan had left the band at this point and was replaced with the DUNDER drummer Carl Moser from Kungsrör. Per Larsson called the patent office to sign their name, but since a band already was registered as PEGASUS they had to change it to LYNX. The rest is history. PEGASUS recorded some great demos featuring songs such as "Race To Hell" and "You Better Not Fool Me".
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