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Missing in Discography
- 9-Track Promo Demo, 1992   
- Another Fruity Day, Demo 1993   
- The Quill, 1995   
- Silver Haze, 1999   
- Evermore, EP 1999   
- Voodoo Caravan,

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Quil (Swe)

Quil (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1986 - present (as The Quill)
Official Website
Magnus "Magz" Arnar - Vocals (2010 - present) (Ground Mower, Soul 78, King Chrome)
Christian Carlsson - Guitar (1986 - present) (Warhead, Skyscraper)
Roger Nilsson - Bass (1993 - 2005, 2012-present) (Spiritual Beggars, Arch Enemy, Firebird)
George "Jolle" Atlagic - Drums (1986 - present) (N.J.B., Warhead, Hanoi Rocks, Firebird)
Former / Past Members
Magnus Ekwall - Vocals (1989 - 2008) (Ayreon)
Tommy Carlsson - Vocals (1987 - 1989)
Thommy Johansson - Vocals (1986 - 1987) (Warhead)
Olof Falk - Vocals (1986)
Robert Triches - Bass (2005 - 2012) (Boom Shanker Group)
Peter Karlsson/Holm - Bass (1987 - 1993)
Mats Johansson - Bass (1986 - 1987)
Ingvar Hägg - Keyboards (1997 - ?)
Anders Haglund - Keyboards, Organ, Piano (1986 - 1997)
BIOGRAPHY (Info from MusicMight)
THE QUILL, delivering melodic Heavy Rock with Sabbathian guitar chords and Bonham-esque drums, are undoubtedly soaked in seventies influences. Originally titled QUIL, with vocalist Tommy Carlsson and bassist Mats Johansson, when Carlsson was replaced by Magnus Ekwall following two limited edition single releases and the debut album the band adopted the title THE QUILL. Johansson was also out in favour of new bassist Peter Karlsson-Holm.

During 1993 THE QUILL recorded a demo entitled 'Another Fruitful Day', securing a deal with Megarock Records. The band's debut for the label was recorded in a three week period during June and July of 1994, the band having replaced Karlsson-Holm by Roger Nilsson by this time. The group's eponymously titled debut was released in the spring of 1995 and gained credible reviews for its retro based mix of Hammond organ fuelled "freaky shit Metal".

With Megarock effectively folding the record company side of their business, THE QUILL were forced to seek out a new deal. Hooking up with music publishers Warner/Chappell the group - now a quartet, with the departure of keyboard player Anders Haglund - recorded a demo / promotion CD during late 1997 that found the band in a much heavier mood.

The debut 2000 album contained a cover version of the mighty TROUBLE's 'A Sinner's Fame'. Bassist Roger Nilsson is a SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and ex-FIREBIRD man. THE QUILL drummer George Atlagic would stand in as a temporary replacement on FIREBIRD's 2001 European tour. Touring to promote the 2003 album 'Hooray! It's a Deathtrip' included August festival appearances at 'Wacken Open Air' in Germany, 'Metal Dayz' in Switzerland and the Swedish Timmernabben 'Eldfesten' and Oskarshamm 'Parkfestivalen' events. The band united with Norwegian Rock 'n' Rollers GLUECIFER and headliners MONSTER MAGNET for European touring in April of 2004.

2005 opened with THE QUILL recording a three track demo. Bassist Roger Nilsson exited in May 2005, the position being filled by Robert Triches in August for recording of a three track demo. The following month the group ensconced themselves in Area 51 studios in Celle, Germany with producer Tommy Newton to craft a new record. 'In Triumph' was released in April 2006 on Steamhammer Records.
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