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Rebelene (Swe)

Rebelene (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Southern / Country Rock
Sweden (


Late 80s - 19XX
Paul "Palle" Zanichelli - Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine (Parasite, Etype, Arsenik, Heartline, To Africa With Love, Räffz, Crucified Distortion, Mr Man And His Divin' Ducks)

Anders Holmström - Guitar (Parasite, Von Hinten, AB/CD, Rude Boys)

Lars "Larry" Gustavsson - Guitar

Johan Segui - Bass

Jörgen "George" Gustavsson - Drums (Von Hinten, AB/CD, Distance, Zink Zerox)
Formed late 80's/early 90's by members of Parasite and Von Hinten. Their 1993 album 'In The Middle Of Nowhere' was falsely claimed by the Swedish anti rasist organization "Expo" to be a white power record in an 1996 article. The band was also falsely claimed to be a foreign white power band by the Swedish governmentfunded project "Vitt Oljud, Nordiskt Mörker" (That was a project to inform about extremist right wing music) on their site.  It was also released as a bootleg in 1996 by Swedish label Rebrex together with "Roughneck Rebel - The Land Is Ours" which is a bluegrass album from 1979 and originally entitled "New River Express - The Land Is Ours". It seems the label took these records (without permission / purchased the copyrights fo a limited time?) renamed and released them as "White Power" records, which is completely rubbish.
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