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- Demo #1, Jan 1987 [Ross Recording] ("My Pet", "Bye Bye Bitch", "On My Way" etc)
- Demo #2, Mar 1987 ("In My Heart", "I'm Yours", "Revolution", etc)
- Demo #3, May 1988 ("Gettin' In", "Under Your Gun", etc)
- Demo #4, 1989 [Studio Loftet] ("Get Her Down", "Who's Foolin' Who", "Love For The Living", etc)
- Rehearsal, 1989 [Musikhuset] ("Did It All For Love", "Fool For You", "Hey", "Shout It Out Loud", "Burning Up", etc)
- Demo, Aug 1990 ("Hip Shot Shooting", "You Got It" etc)

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Wang Dang (Swe)

Wang Dang (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Melodic Hard Rock


19XX - 19XX, 1998 (reunion)
Official Website
Torbjrn "Tobbe" Damberg - Vocals, Guitar (Skydiverse, Zircus, Midnight Express) R.I.P.
Joakim "Jocke" berg - Guitar (Skydiverse, Zircus)
Stefan Enarsson - Bass (Acca Dacca)
Hkan strand - Drums (Scandinavian Skies, Electric Religions, Bad Mode)
Former / Past Members
Per Forslund - Vocals (Dusty Brains)
Hard Rock act from Gvle named after the Ted Nugent lovesong "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang". The band recorded several demos in the 80's/early 90s before splitting up. A reunion gig took place in 1998 at O'Learys, Gvle. They also made an album at this point entitled 'Ain't Dead Yet'.
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