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King & Rozz Group (Swe)

King & Rozz Group (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock


198X - ca 1990
Gran "George King" Kunstberg - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Treasure, Wizz, Families, Icon X, O.B.S. Ltt o Lagom, Nice and Easy, Urban Turban, Dromba)

Peter "Pete Rozz" Rosenbach - Guitar (Rozz The Boss)

Robert "Rob/Robben" Lindell - Drums (Rozz The Boss)

Tommy "Lone Wolf" Sachariasen - Keyboards (Rozz The Boss)

C.L. - Keyboards
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Melodic hard rock. The debut was a bit heavier, while 'Bleeding Feelings' was quite radio-oriented. Gran is ex-Wizz and Treasure. He was later in the weirdo-folk-rock band Urban Turban and has recorded a strange album under the moniker Icon X. Peter, who also owned the record label, has released a 7" with Rozz The Boss.
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Albums (5)
Songs (29)
# Song Album
1 Midnight Act Caught In The Act!
2 Wind Is Blowing Caught In The Act!
3 Memories Caught In The Act!
4 Nightrider Caught In The Act!
5 Mr Green Caught In The Act!
6 Angel Caught In The Act!
7 Future War Caught In The Act!
8 Coming Home Caught In The Act!
9 John Grima And His Ballerina Caught In The Act!
10 Tracy Caught In The Act!
11 Lost In The Kitchen Or... (Instrumental) Caught In The Act!
12 Bleeding Feelings Bleeding Feelings / Judge
13 Judge Bleeding Feelings / Judge
14 The Rebelrocker The Rebelrocker / Leaving With You
15 Leaving With You The Rebelrocker / Leaving With You
16 Guif Eskilstuna Guif Eskilstuna / Street of Love
17 Street of Love (English Version) Guif Eskilstuna / Street of Love
18 Position Bleeding Feelings
19 The Rebelrocker Bleeding Feelings
20 Bleeding Feelings Bleeding Feelings
21 Mystery Bleeding Feelings
22 Flight Through The History Part: 1 Bleeding Feelings
23 Flight Through The History Part: 2 Bleeding Feelings
24 Street of Love Bleeding Feelings
25 Shadows Bleeding Feelings
26 Hold Your Fire Bleeding Feelings
27 Pour Sophie Bleeding Feelings
28 Blues For A King Bleeding Feelings
29 From Us To You Bleeding Feelings
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