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- All I Need, MCD 1993 ("All I Meed", "Too Much", Get Some Lovin'")

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Toe Jam (Swe)

Toe Jam
Band Info
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (


Known Members
Stefan Nilsson
Nicklas Säwström
Magnus Lindh (Calilio, Blue Balls, Treasure Land, Skull Parade, The Flow, Ichabod Crane)
Toe Jam went to the finals in the Rockslaget 1993 contest and got to record two songs for the 'Rockslaget -93' CD compilation. They also got to release a 3tr MCD titled 'All I Need'. Magnus Lindh was earlier in the bands Calilio and Blue Balls. Nicklas Säwström wrote the song "Rosa Helikopter" (performed by Peaches).
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