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Vision (Swe / Luleå)

Vision (Swe / Luleå)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Rock
Sweden (


1980 - 1984

Thomas Wallgren - Vocals (Checkpoint Charlie?)
Mats Hallstensson - Guitar, Vocals (The Avenue, Macbeth, The Station, House of Shakira, MacBeth)
Anders Lundström - Guitar (The Avenue, Spray, The Station, House of Shakira)
Gunnar Eriksson - Bass
Henrik Andreasson - Drums (The Avenue, Spray, The Station)
Henrik Thall  - Keyboards (Grave, Grace) R.I.P.

Former / Past Members
Christer Medfors - Guitar, Vocals
VISION was formed in the early eightees by Mats Hallstensson. He went to see a local band called SPRAY in wich, at the time guitarist Anders Lundström and drummer Henrik Andreasson played. Mats was blown away with the way Henrik handeled the drums and decided to recruit him to his own band. The band released a swedish Hard Rock/Pop single in 1983 that never made it to the charts. A couple of years later, Anders Lundström also joined VISION.

In 1985, Mats, Anders and Henrik formed a melodic rock band called THE AVENUE and started touring the northern parts of Sweden. Demo-tapes were recorded but being a small band from the north, there were not many record companies that were interested. THE AVENUE realized that it was time to move to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. In 1986 they packed their bags and moved to Stockholm to become rockstars.. After spending a few years searching for suitable bandmembers, the birth of THE STATION was a fact in 1989.

During the first years in Stockholm, Mats also played guitars and keyboards in a band called GRAVE and also MACBETH (which included, Lars Johansson (CANDLEMASS) and Tobbe Larsson (GLORY, JOHN NORUM BAND)). A demo with the band were recorded but Mats left the band, needing to be fully concentrated with THE STATION.

Today, Mats owns a small record studio "Room Of Doom", together with Torbjörn Weinesjö (VENI DOMINI), where bands like HOUSE OF SHAKIRA, VENI DOMINE and MARCURY FANG have recorded.
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