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5th Avenue (Swe)

5th Avenue
Band Info
Melodic / Hard Rock


Mikael Nygren - Guitar (Etype, Avenue, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, T For Trouble, Something, Kallare n Glass, Iron Pitts, Strip Down, De verblivna) R.I.P. May 1994 car accident

Anders Fernlund - Guitar (Etype, Avenue, Parasite, Killerhawk, Renegade, Magus, Arsenik, Von Hinten, To Africa With Love, Halloran Shine, Ray's Request, Frna, Hkon Fljt Band, Vekerum Blues Band, AB/CD, Mr Man And His Divin' Ducks, Strip Down, De verblivna, Fernlund-Strmberg Correction)

Ulf Kronell - Bass (Etype, Avenue, Parasite, Blue Town, Something, Kallare n Glass, Ray's Request, Locomotive Breath, Solid Flow, Hkon Fljt Band, Inga gonbryn, No Name and Bad Equipment, Strip Down, De verblivna, Styrelsebandet, Magnus, Under Cover)

Johan "Billy St John" Billerhag - Drums (Etype, Avenue, Parasite, Hexenhaus, Memento Mori, Rude Boys)
Formed as Avenue in 1985 by members of Parasite and Magus. The band changed name after half a year to 5th Avenue before becoming Etype later that year.
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