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TNT (Swe / Mörrum)

TNT (Swe / Mörrum)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (

Mörrum, Karlshamn

1975 - ca 1979
Ola Persson (now Calle Engelmarc) - Vocals, Guitar (Mercy, Turbo, Flash, Feral Ghost, Beta Male Hearts, The Fits (UK))

Janne Stark - Guitars (
Paradize, Overdrive, Overheat, Faith, Kallare Än Glass, M.O.B. (guest), Flash, Blue Marlin, Alyson Avenue, Sir Lord Baltimore, Thalamus (guest), Chris Catena, Audiovision, Vii Gates, Narnia, Grand Design, Blinded Colony, Spearfish, Audiovision, Tower Of Stone, Teenage Rampage, From Behind, Planet Alliance, Balls, Constancia, Locomotive Breath, Mountain Of Power, Zello)

Per-Anders "Pelle" Thuresson - Guitar (Paradize, Overdrive, Overheat, Kallare Än Glass, Iron Pitts, Flash, Blue Marlin, Crosseyed Mary, AC/DC Jam)

Jan "Janne" Nordin/Gummesson - Drums (Flash)

Magnus Petersson/Hansen - Keyboard (Paradize, Stepping Stone)
Not to be confused with TNT (Torpshammar) or TNT (Umeå)

Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia

Paradize bio: The roots of this band had already grown in around 1975 formed by Janne and Pelle. The band recorded a demo as TNT in 1977, featuring drummer Janne Gummesson and singer/guitarist Ola Persson (now Calle Engelmarc, later in Turbo, Mercy). Gummesson left and was replaced by Age Karlsson, while Ola was replaced by Kenth. The band started playing covers by Styx, REO Speedwagon, New England, Goddo etc.
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