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Turbo (Swe)

Turbo (Swe)
Band Info
Punk / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Mörrum/Asarum, Karlshamn

1979 - 1981 (became Mercy)

Ola Persson (now Calle Engelmarc) - Vocals, Guitar (Mercy, TNT, Flash, Feral Ghost, Beta Male Hearts, The Fits (UK))

Andrija "Andree Witchking/Yandriya Weechking" Veljaca - Guitar (Horoscope, Mercy, Horizont) R.I.P. 2005

Christian Karlsson - Bass (Mercy, Ocean, Wizards Of Ugly Things, Jumpin Jack Flash)

Paul Gustavsson/Bergholtz - Drums, Vocals (Mercy, High Voltage, Overheat)

Former / Past Members
Håkan Jacobsson - Guitar (Hatchet) R.I.P. 2007
Biography (from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia)
Ola was previously playing in the band TNT, together with Janne Stark and Pelle Thuresson, where the song "Asfaltsrock" was actually written and demoed in 1977. The band evolved into PARADIZE and Ola was replaced by Kenth Eriksson in 1978. Ola now formed TURBO and recorded one single, released on the same "label" (not really a label, but actually a studio) as PARADIZE. Håkan, brother of OVERDRIVE guitarist Kjell Jacobsson, was replaced by Andrija Veljaca (ex-HOROSCOPE) in 1981 and they recorded a demo with Ola on vocals. The band soon changed it's name to MERCY. More demos and rehearsal recordings were made, but later in 1981, Ola quit and MERCY continued as a trio for a while, before drafting singer Messiah Marcolin, and the rest is history. Håkan later joined HATCHET and sadly commited suicide in 2007. Christian played with OCEAN and Paul was later in HIGH VOLTAGE, OVERHEAT and today plays in a cover band. Ola later changed his name to Carl Ola "Calle" Engelmarc and is currently in the bands FERAL GHOST and BETA MALE HEARTS (under the name Carlos Fandango). He's also backing English singer Nicolette Street.
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