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Jammer (Swe)

Jammer (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


Eric Jalmarsson - Vocals (Six Feet Under)

Tomas Larsson - Guitar (Six Feet Under, Baltimoore, Talisman, Yeah Bop Station, Glenn Hughes, Mountain of Power, Yeah Bop Station, Thomas Larsson)

Joakim "Joe" Larsson - Bass (Six Feet Under, Power, Treat)

Marcus Källström - Drums (Six Feet Under, Sky High, Stonecake, Crumbukt, In Flight Entertainment, Deathorgan, Mojobone)

Michael Rodin - Organ
Borlänge Hard Rock outfit JAMMER issued the 1983 single 'Take Me Higher / Overlord'. Guitarist Thomas Larsson formed JÄMMEROCHELÄNDE whilst still operational in SIX FEET UNDER. Adding a further SIX FEET UNDER member, drummer Marcus Källström, the project shortened it's name to JAMMER. Bassist Jocke Larsson later joined TREAT, whilst Källström joined SKY HIGH and STONECAKE then DEATHORGAN. Thomas Larsson journeyed through YEAH BOP STATION to work with ex-DEEP PURPLE star GLENN HUGHES.

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