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Headline (Swe / Norrköping)

Headline Norrk ping
Band Info
Melodic Rock / AOR
Sweden (


1984 - 1986
Official Website
Mikael "Mike Voice" Fredriksson - Vocals (Sleazy, B.H.A.T.A., Tox, Grand Vision, Dame Fortune, Frontiers, PRABB)
Magnus Johnsson - Guitar (Frontiers)
Paul Marshall - Bass (Sleazy, B.H.A.T.A., Tox)
Per-Anders Gustavsson - Drums
Björn "Böna" Sahlin - Keyboards (Daggaschooa, Hörselwadd, Pink Mamba, Upyour's)
Magnus "Bonum" Hedin - Backing Vocals (AxeWitch, Downbound Train, Overflash, Mother Ice Dog, Squawk)
Former / Past Members
Claes Johnzon - Bass (Wanton?)
Björn Zerpe - Bass (Big Nothing (guest))
Bobby Johanson - Drums
Peter Ström - Keyboards, Organ, Piano (Frontiers)
Not to be confused with Headline (Broby) or Headline (Huskvarna) or Headline (Avesta?).

AOR act from Norrköping formed by Mike Voice, Peter Ström, Bobby Johansson and Björn Zerpe in 1984. A demo was recorded in 1985 and the band started to play live a lot and really getting a good live show going. After some line-up changes and struggle between the members the band was devolved in 1986. Mike however made some new recordings under the name with some new musicians before joining Sleazy Roze in 1987.
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