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Killerhawk (Swe)

Killerhawk (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Heavy Metal


1982 - 1984, 1993
Monica Svensson/Karlsson - Vocals (Renegade, Magus, Kallare n Glass, Cheese (guest))

Anders Fernlund - Guitar (Renegade, Magus, Parasite, Etype, Avenue, 5th Avenue, Arsenik, Von Hinten, To Africa With Love, Halloran Shine, Ray's Request, Frna, Hkon Fljt Band, Vekerum Blues Band, AB/CD, Mr Man And His Divin' Ducks, Strip Down, De verblivna, Fernlund-Strmberg Correction)

Mikael Nygren - Guitar (Renegade, Magus, Etype, Avenue, 5th Avenue, T For Trouble, Something, Kallare n Glass, Iron Pitts, Strip Down, De verblivna) R.I.P.

Sven Jonasson - Bass (Renegade, The Rude Boys)

ke "Age" Karlsson - Drums (Renegade, Magus, Tengel, Paradize, Blue Town, Something, Kallare n Glass, Iron Pitts, Ray's Request, Thin Lipsztick, Strip Down, De verblivna, Hkon Fljt Band, Bubblor I Nsan, Styrelsebandet, Magnus, Under Cover)

Mikael Lorentz - Keyboards (Renegade)
Bio (from Metal Knights The Resurgence Of Swedish Steel 1983-85)
Killerhawk was formed in 1981 under the name Renegade by Monica Svensson (vocals), Ulf Dahlquist (guitar), Zoltan Djember (guitar), Mikael Nygren (bass) and Age Karlsson (drums). Age had previously been in the pre-Overdrive band Paradize that released a 7". After a while Zoltan (who later was in Ocean and Overdrive) left the band. The next addition to the band was keyboard player Mikael Lorentz. Later on Ulf left the band as well. From having two guitarists the band now had none!. They however got Anders Fernlund (who had previously been in Parasite) to join. Mikael Nygren also switched to guitar and Sven Jonasson became the new bassist.

In 1982 they changed their name to Killerhawk as the music got heavier. In the winter that year they recorded their first demo that contained the songs "King of Mordor" and "Remember the Past". Shortly after this Mikael Lorentz decided to leave the band for more commercial type of music. Without the keyboards Killerhawk turned heavier and more melodic. In 1983 they recorded a second demo. With this tape the band got some exposure outside Sweden. They got a very positive review in the Dutch Aardshock magazine, which resulted in a lot of mail from around the world.

In march 1984 the band split as Age and Monica didn't had the time for the band any longer as they had gotten married and were busy with building a house. The other members continued with new drummer Peter Svensson who also played with Stormbringer and a new singer whose nickname is Flebbe. This didn't last long as Flebbe didn't live in the same area as the other members and they couldn't rehearse that often. In the autumn of 1984 Age and Monice were finished with their house and were interested in getting back in the band again. So they rejoined the band that also got a new bassist (whose nickname was Bella). As the members felt this was the start of something new they decided to use another name for the band that became Magus. The band did some demo recordings before splittign up in the autumn of 1985 when Mikael and Anders left to join the band E-type. In the spring of 1993 Killerhawk actually did a one-off reunion gig with the same line-up that did the 1983 demo. In 1994 Mikael Nygren sadly passed away in a car accident.

Biography in Swedish from
"Musikforum 20 r - En Kul Tur I Kulturen"
Bandet hette frn brjan Renegade och bildades 1981 av Age Karlsson - trummor, Monica Svensson - sng, Ulf Dahlquist - gitarr, Zoltan Djember - gitarr samt Mikael Nygren - bas. Efter mnga turer slutade Zoltan och ersattes av en keyboardkille vid namn Mikael Lorentz. Strsta meriten var frmodligen en kenspelning p Kastellet med Mikael Wiehe som frband!. Efter denna traumatiska upplevelse slutade Ulf Dahlquist och i hans stlle anslt sig gitarristen Anders Fernlund frn Parasite. Mikael Nygren brjade spela gitarr och Sven Jonasson axlade Rickenbackerbasen. 1982 bytte gruppen namn till det mer ra Killerhawk. Musiken blev tyngre och tuffare. Vintern 1982 spelade man in sin frsta demo i Studio Blekinge. Ltarna som, till eftervrldens fasa, spelades in var "King of Mordord" och "Remember the Past". Bandet fick mnga spelningar, bla som frband till Dag Vag. Folkets park var i uppror. Lynchstmning rdde. Varfr hade Killerhawk "ingen aning om". Senare hrde man att Dag Vag var bra!. Kvllen till ra hade Mikael Lorentz lnat ett par vita skinnbyxor fr att vara lite extra hftig. Klockan 05.00 p morgonen efter, hade ett par grna flckar uppenbarat sig p dom vita byxorna... flckarna satt p knna. Hur dom hamnat dr r en annan historia. Efter denna "minnesvrda" upplevelse slutade Lorentz. Detta ledde till stilfrndring. Tyngre och melodisare.

1983 spelades demo nr tv in. Ltarna var "Wish Me Well", "Shadows of the Night", "Live It Up" och "Hang On The Line". Kassetten recenserades i hollndska hrdrocktidningen Aardshock. En mycket bra recension som resulterade i en mngd brev ifrn hela vrlden, bla Japan, Chile och USA. Allt var frid och frjd nda tills mars 1984 d Age och Monica beslutade sig fr att g till prsten och bli Svenssons... h frlt Karlssons. De slutade och lmnade ngra frvirrade rockers t sitt de. Bandet splittrades, trodde de andra, men en terfrening skulle bli aktuell... (se Magus). Killerhawk terfrenades vren 1993 fr att spela p Forum-arret "Bengt 10 r". Gruppen fick ihop hela stommen: Nygren, Fernlund, Svensson, Jonasson, Lorentz och Karlsson. D hade Sven sedan avhoppet 10 r tidigare inte hllit i en bas, Lorentz spelat i dansband och Monica sjungit i kyrkokr. Trots detta brnde man av fyra egna ltar och tv gamla hrdrocksklassiker. "Ring igen nr det r dags fr Bengt, 20 r", tyckte Lorentz.

Female fronted act formed as Renegade in 1981 by Monica, Mikael and Age. They changed their name to Killerhawk in 1982 and recorded a couple of demos and had the song "Wish Me Well" on the 'Metal Knights: A Resurgance of Swedish Steel (2003)' compilation. The early formation featured guitarist Zoltan Djember who would join Ocean in 1982 and later Overdrive in 1985. Anders Fernlund had earlier played with the band Arsenik and drummer Age Karlsson with Paradize.
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