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Hazy (Swe)

Hazy (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Melodic / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1979 - 1989

Thony "Odin" Ulvan - Vocals, Guitar (Isengard, Vakant)
Conny "Odin" Lindblom - Guitar (Motumash)
Tommy Brage - Bass (Axewitch, Iron Haze, Black Stone)
Leif Fors - Drums

Former / Past Members
Lollo Öberg - Vocals, Guitar (Micke Besvär Band, W.E.T.)
Mia von Barde - Vocals, Keyboard
Anders Wallentoft - Vocals (Axewitch, Hexagon (guest), Quest, Regent)
Magnus Jarl - Guitar (Axewitch, Sleazy Roze, Straight Up, Iron Haze, Black Stone, Trash Cans)
Mickael a’Deild/Johansson - Guitar (Axewitch)
Mats Johansson - Drums (Axewitch, Skinny Horse, Regent)
Rolf Holmström - Drums
Released two maxi-EP's and contributed with the song "King of the Universe" on the 'Double Up (1987)' compilation.

It all started back in 1979 when Magnus (guitar) first met Anders (vocals) and Tommy (bass) at the local music store where Magnus worked at the time. These 3 rockers formed HAZY and together with drummer Rolf Holmström they began playing mostly covers by Rush , Judas Priest and UFO along with the first batch of original tunes.

While Anders kept the name HAZY and continued with a new lineup, Magnus and Tommy decided to stay together and start out anew under the the banner of IRON HAZE an outfit which later evolved into BLACK STONE. They tried their luck with several musicians, but failed to find the ultimate match they were looking for. Meanwhile Anders got to meet Michael (guitar) and Mats (drums) again in the music store. The agreed on joining forces with HAZY and where quickly seen playing gigs around their hometown. HAZY, however , went nowhere fast. These three men took the next obvious step and formed a new band luring Tommy into their ranks during the process. Both Anders and Michael were strutting their guitars at the time and in early 1981 they convinced Magnus into becoming a member of the new troop as well. Upon his arrival Anders only took over lead vocalist duties and AXEWITCH was officially
V/A Compilations
1987 Double Up
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