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Blacksmith (Swe)

Blacksmith (Swe)
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Melodic Hard Rock / Metal

Gullringen, Vimmerby

Autumn 1983 - present
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Per "Pelle" Englund - Vocals (220 Volt, Motherlode, Voltergeist, Free From Sin, Dedication, Garbo, Mandrake Root, S.E.X.)
Robert "Bobby" Holmberg - Guitars (King's Crown, MarysCreek)
Claes "Phil/Fille" Lindstrm - Bass (Trash, Attack, Pipeline, Benny Jansson)
David Wallin - Drums (Pain, Stormwind)

Former / Past Members
Johan Nystrm - Guitars (Meadow)
Patrik Lmborg - Guitar (Spider, Overload, Merchant)
Patrick "Patte" Ekelf - Bass
Mats "Macko" Andersson - Drums
Nicklas "Nisse" Andersson - Keyboards
Lars Johansson - Keyboard
Formed in 1983, the band had an import part in the FWOSHM. With their fast and high pitched sound the band influenced many bands that later became a part of the Swedish wave. At his time the album 'Gypsy Queen' was released as well as the 7" single 'Tomorrows Mystery / The King Have Lost His Crown'. These are today rarities having cult status in the hardrock/metal community. Later on, some unreleased material from this era was included on the album 'World Victims' while a few tracks are now only found as high quality demo tracks. BLACKSMITH evolved from having an early DEEP PURPLE sound to a more modern and raw sound in the likes of JUDAS PRIEST.

Further on BLACKSMITH found their own unique blend of sound while keeping the vibe and heart of the hardrock to metal bone. The album 'Once Upon a Star' was released world wide through Massacre Records in Europe and JVC-Victor in most of Asia (30 countries) as well as in Sweden on SunDance Records. The main songwriters and the backbone of the band, Bobby Ho and Per Englund, wrote the material for the next album which was completed around 2001. However, due to some circumstances the material was archived for later use. After a hard time to sort out previous record deals (the legal aspects in the music business are NOT the fun part), BLACKSMITH were finally free to start re-releasing all old material and set off on to finish the new album in August of 2008. -
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Albums (4)
Songs (29)
# Song Album
1 Gipsy Queen Gipsy Queen
2 Take Me Home Gipsy Queen
3 I Don't Know Gipsy Queen
4 Lying Eyes Gipsy Queen
5 Tomorrows Mystery Tomorrows Mystery / The King Has Lost His Crown
6 The King Has Lost His Crown Tomorrows Mystery / The King Has Lost His Crown
7 Once Upon a Star Once Upon A Star
8 Dragons Fire Once Upon A Star
9 Hall of the Mountain King Once Upon A Star
10 Come On Once Upon A Star
11 Last in Line Once Upon A Star
12 The King Has Lost His Crown Once Upon A Star
13 Blow it Up Once Upon A Star
14 Hero Once Upon A Star
15 Little Horn Once Upon A Star
16 Evil Rocks the Cradle Once Upon A Star
17 Fire Eyes Once Upon A Star
18 Love Again Once Upon A Star
19 Another Day Once Upon A Star
20 Valhalla Once Upon A Star
21 Gypsy Queen Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
22 Take Me Home Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
23 I Don't Know Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
24 Lying Eyes Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
25 Tomorrow's Mystery Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
26 The King Has Lost the Crown Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
27 Angel Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
28 Hiroshima Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86
29 World Victim Gipy Queen - The Early Years 83-86