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Gotham City (Swe)

Gotham City (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal

Grubbe, Ume

August 1981 - 1987
Photos / Videos

Anders "Zacke" Zackrisson - Vocals (Nocturnal Rites, Planet Storm, Heelm, High Tension, Born Bandit, Shade of Grey)

Mrten Edlund - Guitar (Attityder)

Michael Lundholm - Guitar (Mud & Blood, Cloon Machine, OZ, High Tension, Maple Fat, Vibrations)

Torbjrn "Tobbe" Moen - Bass (Justice, Oz, Red Fun, Silent Call, Tarmac, Creozoth)

Lars-ke "Loke" Edstrm - Drums (Dog Rose, Kings Club)

Former / Past Members
Ola Ohlsson - Vocals

Thomas Pehrsson - Guitars (The Pinheads)

Erik "Hompa" Holmgren - Guitar? (Hades)

Bjrn-Erik Melander - Bass (Mogg, Neptune, Glory North, Marc Quee, Anthony & Melander (US), Hungry Heart (US), Bernie/Melander, Liar's Dice (US))

Jan-Olov "Janne" Persson - Bass (Notorius, Mud & Blood (guest), Grace, Maze of Time, Bad Radiator, Plankat & Klart)

Jonas stman - Drums (Mogg, Attityder, Glory, Dark Illusion, Mental Hippie Blood, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Skintrade, Gemini Souls)

Frank Stenbro - Drums (Witch, Glorious Advance, Skrock, RRP, OZ, Headache)
GOTHAM CITY was formed August 1981 in the Swedish city Ume, they released their first demo in 1981 which featured members: Ola Ohlsson - Vocals, Mrten Edlund - Guitar, Bjrn Erik Melander - Bass and Jonas stman - Drums. The song "Borderline" was later included on their 'The Unknown' album with changed lyrics. Some of the other songs would also show up on the 1983 EP 'Black Writs'.

In 1982 they released the cult single 'Gotham City / Killer Angels' on Brute Force records limited to 300 copies. There is also a bootlegged versions of this 7" on clear vinyl. A year later they would put out their last recorded material with vocalist Ola Ohlsson; the EP 'Black Writs' which was recorded in February at Tonteknik Studios, engineered by Per Sorlin. Later in 1983 Ola Ohlsson leaves GOTHAM CITY and Anders Zackrisson takes over as the vocalist, a 9-track demo is recorded.

In 1984 the monster is released; their first and only full-lenght album "The Unknown". This would also be their last official release. The song "The Beast Will Burn" from the album was also featured on the compilation album 'The Great Metal Attack Part 1 (1984)'.

1985: GOTHAM CITY releases a live demo entitled "Live in Ume", these recordings where orginally made for Swedish Radio (2/3-1985) and there where small talk with a reporter between the songs.

1986: GOTHAM CITY recorded their last demo which had only 2 tracks: "Hang on & Lost In Time", did some live gigs and also got themself a new guitarist Michael Lundholm of OZ, who also made their new "bat logo".

1987, the end of GOTHAM CITY. Sadly the band would split up this year but some of the members (Anders Zackrisson & guitarist Michael Lundholm) continued to play under the name HIGH TENSION for a while and did some live gigs. Anders later joined NOCTURNAL RITES.
Albums (11)
Songs (81)
# Song Album
1 Spitfire Demo
2 Black Writs Demo
3 The Green Manalishi (Cover) Demo
4 Head On Demo
5 Midnight Hunter Demo
6 1995 Demo
7 No Chance To Go Demo
8 Borderline Demo
9 Born To Rock Hard Demo
10 Gotham City Gotham City / Killer Angels
11 Killer Angels Gotham City / Killer Angels
12 Monsters of Rock Black Writs
13 1995 Black Writs
14 The Coven Black Writs
15 Black Writs Black Writs
16 In Vino Veritas Black Writs
17 Born to Rock Hard Black Writs
18 Going Insane Demo
19 Terrifyed Demo
20 See How it Flyes Demo
21 The Beast Will Burn Demo
22 Quiet Warrior Demo
23 Borderline Demo
24 Witchhammer Demo
25 Gotham City Demo
26 Ravage in Town Demo
27 The Unknown... The Unknown
28 Swords and Chains The Unknown
29 The Beast Will Burn The Unknown
30 See How it Flyes The Unknown
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